General Questions

What are your store hours? What is the time for the last wash & dry?

See store location and store hours.

Do you require prepayment and why?

Yes, full payment is required upfront when customers drop-off clothing. We will invest the materials and effort necessary for the quick, convenient service you require.

Can someone else pick up my clothes for me?
Yes.  An authorized person must present the dry clean ticket and a valid identification (social security card or drivers license).  No clothing will be released to any designated person without a valid ID.

How long do you keep clothing?

We are not responsible for items left for more than 30 days. We do not have the space to store unclaimed garments and this necessitate disposal of these items.

Do you rent/sell graduation gowns, formal gowns, and confirmation dresses?

Yes. We have some gowns and dresses for rental and sale. Call or visit our showroom for more information.



Do you have suits for different occasions?

Yes. We have a variety of suits and accessories for rental and sale including new and used items.  Call or visit our showroom for more information.

Consumer Information

What is dry cleaning?

The dry cleaning process begins with a spotting procedure which utilizes special cleaning agents. The garments are cleaned in a dry cleaning machine which uses mechanical action to loosen embedded soils and an organic solvent to remove greases and oils in a way that water cannot. After the drying cycle, the garments are ready for finishing/pressing.

Can all stains be removed?

Not all stains can be removed safely. The longer a stain remains in the clothing untreated, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Must each piece of an ensemble or garment have a care label?

All garments normally have a care label. A garment that consists of two or more pieces may have only one care label if the care instructions are the same for all the pieces. It is best to clean all matching or coordinating items at the same time and by the same process in order to maintain uniformity.

If there is no care label, there is some risk since information or warnings are not available. The customer will be required to sign a consent form before the item is cleaned.

Must a care instruction take into consideration such things as linings, trim, buttons or zippers?

Yes. All parts of the garment must be able to withstand the recommended care procedure, including non-detachable linings, trim and other details. Any special considerations for such components should be contained in the instruction as a warning.

Are washable garments dry cleanable and vice versa?

Customers who request a method of cleaning not listed on the care label may be asked to sign a consent form. With or without the consent form, when drycleaners accept garments for cleaning, they are required to clean garments professionally, to the best of their ability.